iSEEK Supercruncher™

An institution’s ability to transform data-driven administration into knowledge-driven solutions is crucial in driving curriculum and instructional decisions to ensure continuous school improvement. iSEEK Supercruncher allows teachers, school administrators, and district administrators to easily interact with their data, save, export and share results from any amount of data, and make sense of it in order to support differentiated instruction, make necessary curriculum changes, and effectively allocate resources.

Data Interaction Through iSEEK™

As the foundation of the Vantage Accountability Solution, iSEEK Supercruncher is an essential component of a sustainable, ongoing school improvement plan. Through a Web-based enhanced data analysis platform, iSEEK unifies disparate data sources allowing users to ask complex, multi-conditional questions against any combination of data to get simple, actionable answers. Rather than static reports, schools and districts gain the ability to interact with and analyze their data through the intuitive interface with infinite reporting scale. This unique approach to flexible data selection and drill-down capability guarantee the data to be actionable for the decision-making process.

Continuous Intervention Signals

iSEEK Supercruncher offers infinite scalability and makes every conceivable combination of inquiry related to performance management available. iSEEK generates countless Intervention Intelligent Assistants, which link students, teachers, and administrators with actionable intervention signals. For any given inquiry, users are free to add or subtract data fields and change the sequence of the fields, allowing them to view the results in any way they choose. Additionally, results can be displayed using a variety of graphing methods such as bar graphs, 3-D column graphs, and pie charts. As specific data sets you need to continuously monitor are identified, you can easily add them to your dashboard.

Intuitive Interface

With a simple question-and-answer interface, this transparent and multi-layered data management platform provides several ways for users to filter large amounts of data through keyword searching, natural language understanding of questions, and manual filter management. The simple discovery functions allow the user to find exactly what they are looking for in seconds.

Share, Save, and Export Actionable Results

iSEEK Supercruncher allows teachers, school, and district administrators to easily and immediately share actionable results with all stakeholders. Data can be saved and exported to a .CSV or Excel file to be emailed to others, or simply shared through the iSEEK Supercruncher interface. When sharing results, selected filters can be locked, restricting access to only the data you want them to view.

Customizable Dashboards

The dashboards in iSEEK Supercruncher illustrate the intervention signals you have selected as most important to monitor in simple, informative graphics that update in real time. This customizable dashboard can be configured to provide multiple snapshots based on any criteria chosen by the user whether it is AYP, district performance levels, teacher analysis, or student achievement. To further organize your dashboards, users can create tabs to partition their most important data into separate snapshots. All dashboards can be shared with any other user or stakeholder.

Significant Cost Benefits

The costs associated with data warehousing, software maintenance, IT resources, and staff time add up quickly. iSEEK Supercruncher significantly reduces these costs and eliminates the risks of wasted resources associated with knowledge deficits. By allowing users to interact with their data and link differentiated instruction and curriculum adjustments to needs and desired outcomes, they can better allocate resources to where they are needed most.