Professional Services Group

A well-structured, focused professional development program fosters improvement in student learning on a long-term basis. Vantage Learning’s Real-Time Professional Services Group provides teachers with opportunities for practice, observation, feedback, coaching, and modeling of best practices, which are necessary elements leading to improved student achievement in every classroom.

Ensuring that you share best practices and apply them to data collection, assessment, and instruction, while managing and monitoring professional growth plans, is vital in the successful implementation of the Vantage Accountability Solution. Vantage’s Professional Services Group offers cost-effective, research-based, and innovative programs that are designed to improve student achievement by addressing specific instructional and student needs and ensuring deep implementation of best practices by making best use of new technologies that are aligned to district, school, and individual goals.

Vantage Learning’s professional development programs are research based and flexible to adjust to your time management and institution needs through a variety of program offerings:

  1. On-site Seminars
  2. Customized Coaching and Mentoring
  3. Train the Trainers
  4. Web-Delivered Instruction
  5. Real-Time Professional Support

Participants in Vantage Learning’s professional development programs gain the competencies necessary to successfully implement the applications being used in their school or district with:

  • A hands-on learning environment
  • Certified, experienced trainers
  • Observable models and examples
  • Reflection and refinement of instructional practices
  • Real-time coaching and mentoring in the classroom
  • Strategies for cross-curricular integration
  • Opportunities for sharing and gaining professional expertise

Our programs address the following areas: