Vantage Learning to Help Expand Learning and Accountability in Two California Charter Organizations

August 21, 2012

California charter management organizations Opportunities for Learning and Options for Youth will be using Vantage Learning’s Vantage Accountability Solution to measure and meet school objectives. The Adaptive Learning Environments(TM) and customizable data analysis platform from the educational technology leader will provide the two organizations with measurable assessments and a management system to monitor school objectives, teacher efficacy and student progress across nearly 70 educational sites.


YARDLEY, Pa. (August 21, 2012) – In an effort to help identify opportunities for intervention, drive instructional decisions and deliver differentiated instruction, two California charter management organizations are working with educational technology leader Vantage Learning to bring Adaptive Learning Environments™ and a customizable data management system to their approximately 70 sites.


Options for Youth and Opportunities for Learning will use the Vantage Accountability Solution with nearly 17,000 students in grades seven–12. Comprised of three primary platforms — the Student Progress Monitoring System®, MY Access!® and iSEEK™ Supercruncher — the Vantage Accountability Solution improves school and student achievement through its advanced technology and proven best practices.


“As a school serving a large number of at-risk groups, we want to do a better job measuring student learning and using the data to improve our program,” said Jesse Noonan, Director of Educational Programs from OFL, headquartered in Pasadena, Ca. “We believe these tools from Vantage Learning will further our efforts to monitor school objectives, teacher efficacy and student progress, as well as help us modify our curriculum and instruction to meet the needs of all our students.”


This summer, students enrolling in either charter school will use the Student Progress Monitoring System®. SPMS is an Adaptive Learning Environment™ that uses Computer Adaptive Testing to conduct cross-curricular student skill evaluations. Though it can be used to perform benchmarking and summative assessments, SPMS is most notable in the formative assessment process. The platform can diagnose students’ proficiencies and deliver Personalized Adaptive Learning Plans™ with prescriptive remediation.


Beginning next winter, students will also use the MY Access!® instructional writing tool, which engages students by providing immediate, detailed and developmentally appropriate feedback to student writing. With MY Access!®, teachers make timely, data-driven decisions for successful differentiated instruction and motivate students to continue the writing process and write more frequently.


“The constant accretion of new data from our platforms should help OFY and OFL track teacher effectiveness, probe student outcomes and guide curriculum strategies,” said John Fallon, VP of Marketing for Vantage Learning, “to ultimately help both groups improve learning outcomes and save time and money.”


With a direct connection to iSEEK™Supercruncher, results from SPMS and MY Access!® are easily pooled and combined with additional school information in an interactive data management system. iSEEK™ allows users to get simple, actionable answers from complex, multi-conditional questions.


“Options for Youth participates in a number of evaluations for the express purpose of improving our school to meet the needs of all our students,” said Chris Hodge, Assistant Superintendent from OFY, which is also headquartered in Pasadena. “We hope the Vantage Accountability Solution will be another instrument to help our teachers engage and teach our students.”


The Adaptive Learning Platforms™ in the Accountability Solution are used separately by millions of users throughout the country. This partnership with Options for Youth and Opportunities for Learning will be the largest implementation of the complete Vantage Accountability Solution to date.




About Vantage Learning
A recognized leader in online assessment and instruction, Vantage Learning creates Adaptive Learning Environments™ to support student achievement and school improvement. Formed to meet the needs of the ever-evolving education industry, Vantage provides educators with sophisticated knowledge and immediate feedback solutions to enhance and support a continuous learning process. Its exceptional technology, including artificial intelligence, natural language understanding and Web-based learning objects, provides adaptive resources for individualized instruction and professional development

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