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    Personalized, Engaging & Growth-Oriented

    Building capacity through a continuum of learning

    Meet Our Team

    Our committed team of Literacy Specialists, with extensive experience as district/school administrators and as classroom teachers, will collaborate with your district and school leaders to develop a strategic plan, including, implementation goals, timelines, progress monitoring and customized learning sessions to meet the unique needs of teachers and to ensure engagement and connections at every level.

    Madeline Pan, Ed.D.

    VP of Professional Learning Connections
    Nina Hansen, M.Ed. M.A.
    Literacy Specialist
    Sherrie Rainville
    Literacy Specialist
    Irma Sanchez
    Literacy Specialist

    Flexible Scheduling
    Differentiated Learning

    We work with you to meet your specific needs using:
    •  flexible formats

    •  selecting appropriate topics

    •  building customized agendas
    From on-site product embedded instructional sessions to online virtual interactive, content rich sessions, we can connect you to the knowledge and strategies you need to implement WriteVerse solutions with fidelity.

    Interactive Sessions that
    Lead to Student Growth


    On-Site or Virtual
    • Monitor usage and performance to maximize achievement of implementation goals
    • Assist leaders with developing action plans to increase usage and fidelity of use
    • Make recommendations for additional PLC support and coaching and mentoring
    • Establish and monitor district benchmark writing assessment plan

    Teacher Series


    Foundations for Writing Success

    On Site or Virtual
    Level: Beginning
    • Navigate MY Access! as a teacher and student
    • Use rubrics to enhance instruction
    • Select prompts which align to curriculum standards
    • Integrate teacher-created prompts
    • Use the Resources to increase 
    efficacy of MY Access! writing workshop

    Customized Writing Experience

    On Site or Virtual
    Level: Practicing/Advanced 
    • Use MY Access! as a progress monitoring tool to evaluate student learning objectives
    • Address the writing needs of special populations
    • Infuse writing across all content areas
    • Model and practicing research-based writing strategies and practices
    • Share teaching strategies for critical thinking and  assessment through writing

    Insights into Writing Analytics

    On Site or Virtual
    Level: Practicing/Advanced 
    • Use data from Student Portfolios to inform instruction and provide early intervention
    • Facilitate teacher/student writing feedback and setting individualized student goals
    • Utilize report data, in daily instruction, to identify student strengths and prioritize instructional needs
    • Initiate data-driven student ownership and  engagement strategies

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