About Vantage Learning

Since 1998, Vantage Learning has provided accountability solutions for student achievement and school improvement. Formed to meet the needs of the ever-evolving education industry, Vantage Learning provides proven technologies and professional development resources to foster meaningful interactions between students, parents and teachers.

Leveraging cutting-edge technology such as artificial intelligence, natural language understanding and web-based learning objects, Vantage Learning is recognized as the leader in online assessment, instructional programs and customizable data management systems. Our technologies are currently deployed for diagnostic; formative; benchmark; summative; pre/post and placement testing solutions; and instructional purposes.

The underlying technologies that make Vantage Learning applications successful serve as the basis for solutions provided by all Vantage properties and affiliated operating companies. Sharing developmental resources across multiple platforms for a variety of end-users allows us to individualize programs for unique customer requirements, ensuring they meet their unique goals and objectives.

Vantage technology in action:

  • First to create artificial intelligence-based automated essay scoring with IntelliMetric®.
  • Utilized by the leading assessment agencies around the world for both high-stakes and formative assessments.
  • Vantage owns nearly 40 patents in linguistics and natural language search that are used in over half a billion systems each day.
  • Language tools incorporated into some of the biggest software players in the world.


Featured Vantage Properties


The premier destination for community-driven youth sports information on the Web. DigitalSports provides students, parents, athletic administrators, and fans with the tools to promote and research the achievements of student-athletes through the facilitation of community-generated content.


A revolutionary search technology that analyzes words and their conceptual relationships, guiding users to the answers they are seeking by making searching the Web more relevant, direct, productive, and intelligent. With Education and Medical implementations of iSEEK Targeted Discovery™ technology, data is indexed and organized intelligently, presenting information from only reputable and authoritative resources to produce relevant and meaningful responses.


An advanced grammar and writing evaluation tool designed for on-the-fly proofing of user compositions. CorrectEnglish™ guides writers to avoid fundamental mistakes of grammar and composition so they can focus on the content and message.


A dynamic, visual-based dictionary/thesaurus you can use to explore related words and their meanings to expand your vocabulary, conduct research, gather information, and select the best word or phrase to express your idea.

Vantage Online Store

The storefront and point of sale for a wide assortment of Vantage and McCann Associates consumer products designed to help users succeed personally, academically, and professionally.

Affiliated Operating Companies

McCann Associates

Providing cost-effective, innovative assessment, certification, learning management, and business intelligence solutions since 1959, McCann Associates leverages advanced technology delivered via Software as a Service (SaaS) to provide solutions for Higher Education, Government and Public Sectors, Public Safety, and Corporate HR and Employee Learning.