MY Access!® Prompt Packs

A perfect complement to your MY Access! subscription, add-on packs provide additional guided instruction, activities, and even diagnostic tests to help users prepare for specific test events or to improve their writing skills in a specific area. In addition to these, MY Access! Home subscribers can also use prompt resources created by fellow users (and submit their own prompts) on the MY Access! Prompt Database.


MY Access! SAT Prep Pack

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This add-on pack provides practice tests, guided instruction, and activities to help students confidently approach the writing portion of the SAT® college entrance examination.

Diagnostic pre- and post-tests provide users with information on their strengths and weaknesses.

Adding the SAT* Prep Pack to your MY Access! subscription provides you with:

  • Teacher-approved test-taking strategies to help students feel fully prepared for test day.
  • Nine writing topics, each of which mirrors the type of persuasive writing task administered on the SAT®.
  • Over 100 multiple-choice items in three full-length tests and numerous activities to prepare students for the kinds of grammar errors they will encounter on the SAT.
  • An in-depth instructional course to guide students through the process of writing a superior SAT® essay.
  • Offline activities to supplement student instruction.
  • Interactive flashcard activities to familiarize students with the vocabulary words they will find on the writing and reading portions of the test.
  • Individualized learning plans to polish students’ strengths and bolster their weaknesses.

*SAT and PSAT® are registered trademarks of the College Entrance Examination Board which was not involved in the production of, and does not endorse, this product.

MY Access! Picture Prompt Pack

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Spark your students’ creativity and get them excited about writing with MY Access!® Picture Prompt Pack.

Using a picture for inspiration, your students will learn to think critically and creatively while they use their writing skills to express their imaginations. The picture prompts will get your children thinking—and writing—about the themes and emotions they discover in each picture.

Your Picture Prompt Pack includes:

  • An instructional course to guide your students through the process of interpreting the “language” of a picture and creating a narrative essay from it.
  • 15 picture prompts at three different grade levels to inspire your students’ thought process.
  • Immediate feedback and individualized learning plans to help your students polish their strengths and bolster their weaknesses.
  • An opportunity for your students to explore their creativity and experience how much fun writing can be.


MY Access! Faith & Values Writing Prompt Pack

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Created to link values-based instruction to your writing curriculum, the Faith & Values Prompt Pack is an excellent way to help your students explore the basis of their faith and develop a strong sense of self-understanding as they develop strong writing skills.

Help them develop their writing skills as they explore topics including choosing acts of kindness in the face of anger, living their faith as role models for others, choosing the path of right versus wrong in a peer pressure situation, and much more.

Your Faith & Values Prompt Pack includes:

  • 15 prompts at three different grade levels that link values-based instruction to writing skills.
  • Immediate feedback and individualized learning plans to help your students polish their strengths and bolster their weaknesses.
  • An opportunity to draw the connection between how your students feel…and how they behave.


MY Access! Business Writing Prep Pack

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This add-on for MY Access! College Prep provides guided instruction that will help you structure a professional business letter, a weekly activity report, an important email to your boss – and more.

Real-world examples and activities related to specific learning objectives will illustrate and reinforce the Business Writing Prep Pack course material.

This course includes 21 business writing tasks, and is divided into the following five modules, each designed to improve your business writing skills:

  • Fundamentals of Business Writing
  • Writing Business Emails and Memos
  • Writing Business Letters
  • Writing Business Proposals
  • Writing Business Reports

MY Access! Business Writing Prep Pack is already included with MY Access!® Professional Edition.