One of the most telling indicators for a student’s success at the end of their college career is how well they manage their first month at school. Vantage Consumer Solutions offer effective, individualized, and self-paced writing improvement applications designed to prepare students for the challenges of the college curriculum. Prepare for the transition, take it to the next level!

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MY Access!® College Prep

Combining guided practice with self paced instruction, MY Access!® College Prep puts students in control of their writing. Students are given their own login from which they can access writing activities and prompts which are targeted to advanced English writers. Instruction is geared towards the expectations college writing, namely the analysis of facts and showing greater interpretation when responding to assignments. Full reporting options allows your students to track their development and know where they need additional focus and refinement.

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CorrectEnglish® Web Academic

CorrectEnglish® Web is an industry-leading word processor, personal publishing, and writing feedback tool. Going far beyond a traditional spelling and grammar checker, CorrectEnglish® Web breaks down writing on the fly. It identifies words, phrases, and sections of text that require attention, providing an overall picture of writing readability and strength. Writing is supported either through typing within the application or importing a document written by another word processing application. Once completed, work can be printed, e-mailed, or even published to blogs linked to the CorrectEnglish® account. The premier guide for writing and the tool for publishing, CorrectEnglish® is the ultimate solution for making your voice heard.

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MY Access!® Professional Edition

MY Access!® Professional Edition helps business school students write purposefully, powerfully, and persuasively. Endorsed and supported by the Graduate Management Admission Council® (GMAC®), MY Access!® Professional Edition will improve your business writing skills and give you an edge on your competition.

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