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The goal of academic writing is to do more than just convey information. You must also ensure that what you write clearly communicates your point and convinces your audience effectively and with style.

Use CorrectEnglish Academic to instantly proof and evaluate your writing. From grammar and mechanics, to word choice, organization and argument structure, whether your topic is analytical, critical, speculative, or informative, CorrectEnglish helps you significantly improve the quality and effectiveness of your writing. No matter the field of study or research, CorrectEnglish allows you to focus on the critical areas of analytical and informative writing necessary to excel in the classroom.

CorrectEnglish is also perfect for teachers. It takes care of the details, allowing you to focus on what your students write—not on how well they have written it. From checking grammar, mechanics, word choice, organization and argument structure to analyzing readability, ranking Kincaid score, and ranking through five writing domains CorrectEnglish provides a thorough picture of the strength of your students’ writing. Let CorrectEnglish watch over the specifics of students’ grammar and allow you the freedom to focus your attention on their comprehension.

CorrectEnglish Academic is a completely internet-based application, accessible from any computer with an Internet connection. You will be able to compose, upload, edit, save and export your writing right from your Web browser without the need to install any software. Your documents are also portable and within reach wherever you are, be it in class, at the library or at home.

Your 1-year subscription to CorrectEnglish Academic includes:

  • Instruction on basic forms and tasks common in academia (research proposals, grant applications, cover letters, curriculum vitae/resumes, personal statements and more)
  • Writing and revision support for research papers, critiques, abstracts, lab reports and other academic papers
  • Document formatting and citation assistance according to four popular styles: APA, CBE, MLA and The Chicago Manual of Style
  • Instant grammar and writing evaluation so you can focus on content
  • Basic writing instruction for English language learners and developing writers
  • Advanced conceptual thesaurus and word choice feedback
  • Free automatic content and feature updates so you always have the latest software

Each version supports cross-lingual grammar feedback in multiple languages:

  • Spanish
  • French
  • German
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Traditional Chinese
  • Simplified Chines

30-Day Money Back Guarantee.
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