MY Editor® TextSpeak

Enhanced Student Learning Experience

Today’s generation of students is the most connected and collaborative in history. For educators, this presents a remarkable opportunity for learning and empowerment in the 21st Century. However, a disconnect exists between this new reality and the core classroom curriculum of writing.

Development of the skill of critical long-form writing has long been understood to be a key to student development and professional success. Yet, a student spends a far greater time writing text messages than academic papers on a regular basis.

Consequently, students are bringing the grammar and syntax of text messages to classroom writing. Introductory paragraphs become IMO, supporting statements start with FYI, and a heartfelt expression of the merits of risk taking is summed up with YOLO.

Educators need a solution to understand what students are expressing, and yet still instruct them to write in an academically acceptable manner.


MY Editor® delivers point of composition revision guidance for students in MY Access!®. This adaptive feedback engine goes far beyond traditional grammatical corrections by focusing on the development of an academic voice. Enter: TextSpeak.

TextSpeak identifies use of informal spelling and acronyms prevalent in text and instant message communication. For each identified error, the student is notified, and a message is displayed describing why such a word is inappropriate, a detailed definition of TextSpeak, and replacement suggestions. Since the translation of TextSpeak terms like LOL are no longer appropriate for academic writing, additional replacement options are given. (So something like “Wht RU doing 2nite? Call me l8r,” becomes, “What are you doing tonight? Please call me later.”)

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