MY Access!-Virtual Writing Classroom

Online Writing Instruction and Assessment Program

MY Access!® ( is an award-winning, online writing instruction and assessment program, and teaching tool that improves student writing proficiency and motivates students to write more frequently by providing immediate scores and continual, adaptive, prescriptive feedback and edit suggestions.  As a result, MY Access!® rapidly improves student writing proficiency, which helps schools achieve state literacy standards, reduces workload for teachers, and empowers teachers to spend more time on differentiated instruction and intervention.

Accelerating Writing Growth for all Students

MY Access!®, within a Model for Writing Success, significantly increases student confidence and agency (mindset),  engagement and, ultimately, writing growth/proficiency in all content areas.

MY Access!® scores and feedback are provided by IntelliMetric®, Vantage Learning’s automated essay-scoring technology, and its patented MY Editor® and MY Tutor® technologies. Teachers can access student writing portfolios online to monitor progress, provide additional feedback, and tailor instruction to address the specific needs of their students.

MY Access!® offers a writing environment that builds students’ confidence and motivation to write and gives teachers more time to prepare and deliver instruction that is both data driven and differentiated.

Essential Writing Tools to Support Effective Teaching

  • A suite of interactive prewriting tools, rubrics, word banks, and writer’s models.
  • MY Tutor, a personalized, adaptive instructional writing coach.
  • MY Editor, multilingual  grammar feedback and instructional support.
  • Immediate holistic and trait/domain scores.

Writing Growth through Differentiated Instruction and Actionable Data

  • A robust library of over 2,000 cross-curricular, source-based writing prompts aligned to common core and state standards.
  • Grade level and genre-specific benchmark writing assessments aligned to state, national and college readiness standards for progress monitoring.
  • Formative assessment to personalize writing practice
  • A longitudinal portfolio of all student writing, scores and feedback.
  • Real-time data analysis of writing to inform instruction and monitor student growth.

Student – Teacher Collaboration

MY Access!® provides commenting tools that enable teachers to provide specific suggestions and strategies to improve their essays. Students can also respond, in real-time, to teacher comments/feedback. This provides ongoing opportunities for discussion, clarification of misconceptions, and goal setting.

MY Access! provides students with a Revision Plan for setting writing goals, strategies, and reflections associated with each revision.

Professional Learning Connections

Our Professional Learning Connections (PLC) follows The Model for Success, which includes six essential training components: knowledge, modeling, practice, observation, feedback, and coaching, applying best practices in staff development that reflect current research. PLC features a learning-by-doing approach that emphasizes authentic, job-embedded activities, including demonstration, observation, mentoring, and coaching.

Looking for Resources during Extended School Closures?

Distance learning can be as rewarding as teaching in a bricks-and-mortar classroom, if in different ways. After all, good teaching is good teaching and, most importantly, we are here to help!

We’ve developed both print and video resources, emphasizing online teacher/student communication using MY Access! Special Instructions, Comments and Revision Plans. We also encourage you to schedule a webinar to discuss best practices. Just contact Dr. Madeline Pan ( VP Professional Learning Connections or your Literacy Specialist.   View Resources