Mining The Money: Do You Know What It Takes To Prepare To Write Grants?

A Free Webinar Held on March 6.

Do you know what it takes to prepare to write grants? Let our speaker, Tom Shuster, CEO of Spectrum Red, a highly successful grant writing organization, guide you on the path to success. The the webinar will provide you with information which will help you:

  • Determine and prove need with verifiable data
  • Do an inventory and description of present and past projects and initiatives
  • Document prior projects (with solid data) to prove past success
  • Establish, document and prove legitimate community partnerships
  • Gather vita and resumes of individuals that may participate in grants
  • Do a literature review to support possible project approaches
  • Plan to evaluate your project and contract with an evaluator
  • Write concise MEASURABLE goals and objectives to meet needs
  • Gather information you will need for budgets (salaries, overhead, indirect, etc)
  • Look for funding sources

In addition we have also posted the full PowerPoint presentation used during the webinar for your reference and use.

We encourage you to also take a few minutes to give your honest feedback on this presentation on our survey page. Your submission will help us better provide the educational community with resources to bring about positive change.

We look forward to you joining us for future Vantage Professional Development Series events!