The Student Progress Monitoring System® (SPMS)

Differentiated Instruction Powered by Adaptive Learning.

The Student Progress Monitoring System (SPMS) is a customized cloud based, implementation of Vantage Learning’s Adaptive Learning Platform™ toolset used for conducting continuous cross-curricular student skills assessments automatically and delivering Individualized Learning Assignments (ILAs) to enhance the learning process. SPMS supports the formative assessment process by providing a fundamental, systematic approach to educational improvement through the automated delivery of targeted and prescriptive resources, enabling the real-time delivery of a Personalized Adaptive Learning Plan™ to each student. SPMS includes linear testing functionality used for summative and benchmark assessments.

Creating Assessments

SPMS provides flexible online and offline (scanner-ready) testing formats to accommodate the needs of every student. Teachers can assess students in reading/language arts, math, science, social studies, and writing. SPMS features a comprehensive bank of tens of thousands of test items aligned to strand-level categories, down to the objective level within each strand. SPMS is also aligned to state and common core standards, ensuring that high-quality questions are used consistently. Vantage Learning will assist in uploading your individual items and help develop assessments tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Individualized Testing through Three-Parameter IRT of CAT

SPMS fully supports the use of Computer Adaptive Testing (CAT). CAT enables targeted assessment by starting with grade-level test items and, based on a student’s response, increasing or decreasing difficulty accordingly to determine the student’s grade-level proficiency in each subject, strand, and objective. Additionally, the use of a Three-Parameter Item Response Theory means cheating strategies are minimized and statistical estimates of ability are more accurate than other methods of testing.

Immediate Scoring

SPMS delivers immediate online and offline test results, allowing for multiple, real-time opportunities to redirect instruction to meet the needs of individual students. Additionally, through the use of IntelliMetric®, the most accurate and reliable automated essay scoring system, teachers are provided with an objective “second opinion” of each student’s writing skills. Scoring of writing assessments includes using multilingual MY Editor® features to provide ELL and ESL students with the opportunity to improve their English writing proficiency in their native languages.

Personalized Adaptive Learning Plans® for Remediation

As students complete assessments, the SPMS Adaptive Remediation Engine™ automatically delivers the best Adaptive Prescriptive Feedback™ in real-time, creating Personalized Adaptive Learning Plans® (PALPs) for every student. PALPs leverage an adaptive prescriptive model to create and deliver the best prescription to each student at the time of the assessment event eliminating the lag time between assessment and intervention. The resources delivered are unique to each student and can be differentiated based upon multiple indicators including grade performance level, ELL status, student interests, SRI, lexile level, and other indicators from within each student’s profile. This process is automatic, or educators and administrators can add their own content to be indexed for immediate delivery.

Each PALP, taken together day by day, or moment by moment, creates a Personalized Adaptive Learning Pathway™ that can be followed from start to finish providing for continuous improvement of both the teaching and learning processes.

Custom Response to Intervention Resources

Embedded within SPMS, is an Adaptive Learning Engine™ which combines iSEEK™ and vLibrary™ to provide students with targeted educational resources matching their Personalized Adaptive Learning Plans®.

iSEEK™, is an advanced linguistic discovery tool which gives educators and students access to over 300,000 authoritative education resources.

vLibrary™ is a multi-file format instructional platform from which teachers can deliver their own instructional resources to students. Both methods link assessment directly to instruction. Teachers can assign custom and ad hoc resources and pre- and post-test materials in a variety of formats, including audio and video, PDF, PowerPoint, Word, etc.

Diagnostic Assessment Intervention Signals

Comprehensive results in SPMS provide detailed, timely, and accurate information about progress at the student, classroom, school, district, and region levels. Teachers then gain the means to focus instruction where it is needed most. Teachers have the capabilities needed to maintain students’ online or offline assessment results in individual student portfolios, allowing them to view data and generate reports. With a direct connection to iSEEK Supercruncher™ through the Adaptive Measurement Engine™, results are easily matched with any data set for easy data interaction and identification of your students’ unique needs, whether by school, teacher, sub-group, or other criteria.