Adaptive Learning Platform™

Vantage Learning is the recognized leader in the development and implementation of machine learning to transform classroom interaction, efficiency, and accountability. At the heart of Vantage Learning’s portfolio of solutions is The Adaptive Learning Platform. This technology platform and framework enables our software consultants, developers and project managers to develop and deploy complex web based adaptive e-learning applications and front end systems to support targeted specific custom client requirements; in short a platform designed to allow our engineers to generate software based on an ever evolving specification.

The Adaptive Learning Platform and associated custom programming services were conceived by Vantage Learning to revolutionize the creation, deployment and management of custom e-learning software. Using the Adaptive Learning Platform’s toolkit and Vantage supplied professional software development services, school districts, states, content publishers, software publishers and businesses can structure their education management and e-learning environment software systems precisely to their detailed specification creating a highly stable Adaptive Learning Environment® that is adaptive at its core, cost efficient, scalable, research based, accurate, generative and automated.

Clients are now able to dispense with the inescapable option of adjusting their dreams, plans or education processes simply to meet the needs of off the shelf software. With the Adaptive Learning Platform Professional Software Development Services and associated toolkit, educators can meet their objectives and not break the budget. The toolset contains everything necessary to help foster success including access to:

  • Subject Specific Intelligent Agents™
  • Pedagogy Intelligent Agents™
  • Item Response Theory Adaptive Algorithms
  • Big Data Archive
  • Big Data Template(s)
  • Big Data API’s (application programming interface)
  • Reporting Template(s)
  • Reporting API’s
  • Statistical Modelers
  • Predictive Analytics Modeler
  • Personalized Adaptive Learning Pathway™ Generator
  • Vantage Professional Software Development Services

Custom Web-based implementations of the Adaptive Learning Platform toolkit power revolutionary offerings from software publishers such as College Success®. In addition, state-level customizations exist and are in use for all colleges in the states of Florida and Virginia.