Vantage Accountability Solution

The Vantage Accountability Solution is a cost-effective, flexible way to ensure you are measuring and meeting all of your district and school objectives. The Vantage Accountability Solution creates a sustainable model of school improvement and student achievement through a combination of proven technology and professional development comprised of three primary components:

  • Enhanced Data Analysis
  • Differentiated Instruction
  • Dynamic Professional Development

Enhanced Data Analysis: Identifying Opportunities for Intervention

When measuring district or school performance, teacher effectiveness, or student achievement, you cannot afford limitations inherent in static reports. iSEEK Supercruncher™ generates countless Intervention Intelligent Agents providing actionable intervention signals for students, teachers, and administrators. Once identified, strategies and instructional resources matched to the student’s readiness level can be easily and immediately shared with all stakeholders.

Differentiated Instruction: Best Interventions in Real Time

The continuous delivery of measurable, authentic assessments and standards-aligned benchmarks are key components in identifying problem areas and implementing strategies for improvement. The Student Progress Monitoring System® (SPMS) enables continuous cross-curricular evaluation of students’ academic needs and delivers targeted resources in real time. MY Access!® School Edition transforms writing instruction by providing students immediate feedback in each domain of writing, enabling all teachers to deliver individualized instruction in their content areas.

Dynamic Professional Development

Vantage Learning’s Dynamic Professional Development provides teachers with opportunities for practice, observation, feedback, coaching, and modeling of best practices. Sharing and applying best practices to data collection, assessment, and targeted instruction, while managing and monitoring professional growth plans, is vital in the successful implementation of the Vantage Accountability Solution.

Fully customized to meet your specific requirements, our Professional Development offerings have the flexibility to adjust to your ever-changing time management and institution needs.