Australian English

Today you are going to write a story or narrative that could be selected for publication in a magazine for students all over Australia.
Your writing will be judged on the quality of your ideas, how you organise them and how well you write.

Write a story.

Your story must include the idea of being trapped. It may be you, a friend or an animal that is trapped. Use your imagination. It can be a true or made-up story.

You might like to think about the following:
  • Where does the story take place?
  • What events lead to being trapped and who is involved?
  • What feelings do the characters experience?
  • What happens to solve the problems and so end the story?
Some points to remember:
  • Give your story a title.
  • Pay attention to your sentences, spelling, and punctuation.
  • Remember that you are writing this story for a magazine read by students all over Australia.