What are People Saying About MY Access! Home?

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“Writing is a crucial skill, but it’s hard to be consistent about teaching it. What’s more, the burden of marking everyone’s writing overwhelms me. This year, thanks to MY Access!® Home Edition, our children are spending much more time writing. What’s more, they also get instant feedback and individualized instruction from the program.”

Annie Kate (homeschool mom) Read her review.

“I used this program with 3 students and I love that this program is self-paced and interactive. Each child was able to work on their own and were able to navigate through the program with ease. They loved earning activity points by completing writing activities (such as reading an essay and answering questions about it). If they didn’t understand a concept, then they could use the Resources tab to look up that concept.”

Michelle Read her review.

“It’s just what we needed. For clear, concise instruction, hassle-free, non subjective grading, and comprehensive support, you can’t beat My Access!®. It’s a high quality product.”

Mary Grace (writer & homeschool mom) Read her review.

“MY Access!® removes the stress of not knowing how to teach my children to write. All the guess work is taken out with the program. This is one writing program that will probably be used for the rest of our Homeschool “career”. I highly recommend MY Access!® Home Edition.”

Kela (homeschool mom) Read her review.

“I am enjoying using this program with my son because it takes some of the burden off of me in this area. While I still have to be involved in the process here and there, I do not have to be completely involved in every step along the way. That is a time advantage for me, and it is helping my son to become more independent in an area which is difficult for him.”

Wendy (homeschool mom) Read her review.

“It’s a good writing curriculum. I like it because it grades your essays giving you a percentage to know where you are at. You don’t have to guess at what you need to change to make your paper better. I would recommend My Access!® for high school writing assignments”

Jonah (homeschool student).

“MY Access!® Home Edition is a great writing tool that I’ve been most impressed with. I love the fact that the essays can be incorporated into any curricula you happen to be using, and provide immediate feedback to the students. I’m pleased to award MY Access!® by Vantage Learning 2 thumbs up! :)”

Denise (homeschool mom) Read her review.