VANScan®, a component of the powerful Learning Access®: Vantage Learning Platform, provides instant access to test results for paper-and-pencil assessments and supports the migration of student performance data over time as districts continue to develop the necessary technology infrastructure within their schools.

Using VANScan, assessment scoring and reporting are simultaneous, conducted quickly to provide teachers the data to drive individualized intervention that leads to continuous school improvement.  This in turn helps educators meet strict federal guidelines.  VANScan facilitates delivery of timely data, so critical for school districts and administrators, to support student achievement.

VANScan, powered by TURBOSCORE®, was developed for test administrators who want to leverage the power of the web but lack the requisite technology infrastructure.  Once downloaded to a computer, VANScan allows educators to harness the power of Vantage Learning’s Internet-based products.  Test forms are printed onsite.  Students record their answers on bubble-sheets.  Answer sheets are scanned locally or at Vantage headquarters and uploaded to our online test server.  Results are immediately analyzed and performance reports are instantly available for viewing online and printing.

Don’t wait weeks to get results from a paper and pencil assessment! Vantage promises fast turnaround teamed with reliable and professional scoring!

Vantage Learning’s standard optical scanning, our proprietary VANScan technology and our professional hand-scoring services meet our demanding standards for reliability while providing comprehensive, costeffective results for our clients. Vantage employs high capacity Scantron Scanmark 5500 and medium capacity NCS Opscan 6 scanners.  Both systems are capable of handling large volumes of scannable answer documents.  Scanmark 5500 processes up to 5,500 documents per hour, and can read two-sided documents in a single pass.  Opscan 6 employs Optical Mark Read (OMR) technology and is capable of scanning up to 5,000 sheets per hour with either ink or pencil read heads.  VANScan works with numerous applications and software products, including NCS OP Scanners and Scanmark 2000-2800 series scanners, and runs on Microsoft Windows 95, 98, NT, 2000 and XP.

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