British English

IntelliMetric® is designed to score legitimate responses that represent a good faith effort on the part of the writer. When IntelliMetric® receives a response from a writer that is written on the prompt topic and consistent with the level for which the prompt was designed, IntelliMetric® will typically return a score that is comparable to or more accurate than expert scorers scoring the same prompt.

If a writer’s response is not typical of writing encountered by IntelliMetric® when trained to score that prompt or other linguistic problem is present (such as no response, too short of a response, or a response written in a language not anticipated by IntelliMetric®), IntelliMetric® will typically return a message that it cannot score the response and the reason it cannot score the response.

While IntelliMetric® will not “catch” all inauthentic responses, our research shows that it is about 95% effective at “catching” inauthentic responses.