Project Shan-I

By 2016, IntelliMetric® has scored hundreds of millions of student writing samples for overall quality as well as elements of focus, content, organization, language use and style and mechanics. Trained by expert human scorers, IntelliMetric has learned how to understand different score scales and different domain of writing. It has evaluated writing across all grades, all genres, and all subjects. Yet even in a process of this scale and complexity, the team of expert humans who manage the application of IntelliMetric technology has never lost sight of the real reason we come to work each day. Writing is a profoundly human activity, and being able to help writers improve this skill has meaning beyond the classroom, beyond the boardroom.

An estimated 20% of the population struggles with a Language-based Learning Difference that interferes with reading and writing skills. While these individuals typically have strong cognitive abilities, their writing is dramatically impacted, which casts a shadow over their true abilities. Through the use of IntelliMetric, we are able to identify these underlying issues for writers and point both the learner and the teacher towards prescriptive remediation to compensate for the deficits.

Project Shan-I is the working name for Vantage’s latest AI scoring project. This project, along with its methodology and results, is copyrighted and patent-pending protected. It is with a deep sense of the positive impact this technology can have on writer’s that we launched Project Shan-I, an endeavor to use automated essay scoring technology to identify possible markers in student writing which could indicate the presence of a Language-based Learning Difference.