MY Access!® Professional Development

Implementation Services

Vantage Learning’s Certified Implementation Specialists are trainers and experts in the field with backgrounds in education, literacy, and administration. By using the services of an Implementation Specialist, districts and schools ensure successful integration of the MY Access!® program.

Essentials of Effective Writing Instruction and Assessment (3 parts)

Part 1: This full-day, hands-on writing workshop provides participants with an understanding of how to strategically set up MY Access!® groups and assignments to create opportunities for differentiated instruction. Teachers will also learn how to use MY Access!® tools, resources, and feedback to support writing instruction.

Part 2: This full-day, hands-on writing workshop develops teachers’ ability to use students’ MY Access!® portfolios as a means for extracting data, analyzing student writing and feedback, and communicating with parents and other teachers. Teachers will also learn how to create custom prompts that align with curriculum and instructional goals.

Part 3: During this full-day, hands-on writing workshop, teachers learn how to use a variety of reports in MY Access!® to extract data on student performance by group, prompt, demographics, etc. For each observation/conclusion that is drawn from analysis of report data, teachers will develop an action plan (series of lessons) to target instruction for each area of need.

Customized Coaching and Mentoring

A Vantage Literacy Specialist will work directly with teachers and students, in real time, to assist in the effective integration of MY Access!® into the writing curriculum and to develop best practices using research-based writing instruction in conjunction with the program. Districts may choose among several options, including in-class model lessons, one-on-one planning sessions, group observation sessions, and more!

Trainer Certification Institute

This advanced professional development institute builds internal capacity within a school/district by certifying participants as Essentials, parts 1 & 2, trainers. Teachers will develop an in-depth understanding of how MY Access!® supports best practices in writing instruction. The training culminates in creating an instructional model, which includes alignment and integration of school goals and curriculum objectives to MY Access!® prompts and processes.

Classroom Writing Institute

This professional development institute was created in partnership with the South Basin (CA) chapter of the National Writing Project, and it is anchored in research-based instructional writing strategies that can be used in conjunction with the MY Access!® writing program, both online and offline. Within this interactive writing institute, participants will build their repertoire of instructional strategies for reading and the writing process.

Learning to Navigate

Learning to Navigate consists of a single introductory professional development course designed to support the effective school- and district-wide introduction of MY Access!®.

Growing Together: Parent Workshops

This unique program fosters a true school-to-home connection by combining MY Access!®, Vantage Learning’s award-winning instructional writing program, with both on-site parent training and online support. We recognize that a parent is the first and most important teacher a child encounters during his or her lifetime. With this in mind, the program is designed to facilitate a structured parent involvement effort, which is critical to enhancing overall student achievement.

Test Success: Preparing Students for High-Stakes Testing

This customized training package is designed to help teachers and students prepare for specific writing events by using MY Access!®. With the introduction of MY Access!® to teachers and students and an effective, specific focus on the pending exam, high-stakes test scores are sure to soar!